susan olson

Susan currently leads Genscape's Agriculture, Biofuels and water businesses with the focus of achieving better market transparency and efficiency for these industries. She and her team have developed products that track biofuels production, transport and inventories leveraging remote sensing around the globe. She started leading the water business with Genscape’s flagship product line, Digital H20, in early 2017.

Michael Chavez

Michael serves as Director of Business Development at Digital H2O. Prior to joining Digital H2O Michael helped jump start WellAware, a SaaS based mobile platform for real-time oilfield remote monitoring. During his tenure at WellAware,  the company grew from 4 to more than 65 employees.

Wes Cleveland

Wes serves as the Director of Engineering at Digital H2O. Prior to joining Digital H2O, Wes founded LawyerMatch, a legal matchmaking and referral service, where he was responsible for development across the technology stack. Wes has previously spent time working on big data analytics as a software engineer at Narrative Science in Chicago and developed advanced predictive analytics and modeling techniques for professional sports events. He graduated from DePauw University with a B.A. in Computer Science.

Forrest Webb

Forrest serves as Lead Data Scientist at Digital H2O. Prior to joining Digital H2O, he was a career academic, specializing in stable isotope geochemistry. His studies focused on inorganic biomarkers during mineral crystallization, and he was selected as a NASA Astrobiology Institute Scholar. He left academia to focus on more practical research questions and, along the way, developed a passion for all things data science. He attended Northwestern University for his doctoral studies, University of Kentucky for his Master’s studies, and Wheaton College for his undergraduate studies.

Brian Coy

Brian serves as a Senior User Experience Designer at Digital H2O.  Prior to joining Digital H2O, he worked as visionary and user champion for comScore, one of the largest analytics companies in the world, where he introduced and help create a world class user experience team that helped drive big data analytics into intuitive interfaces allowing large companies to quickly and easily gain insights into their businesses. He holds several design and innovation awards as well as being a driving force for user centric design thinking and methodologies.

Ed Dragomer

Ed Dragomer is a Senior Software Engineer at Digital H2O. He has over 16 years' experience and has filled a number of engineering roles with responsibilities ranging from development and data analytics to development operations to engineering management. Ed has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics with Minors in Computer Science and Physics from Indiana University.


Brian Voelker

Brian Voelker is a Senior Web Developer at Digital H2O. Over the past 10 years, he has worked on building several different applications, from Wordpress to Event Mangement systems, and everything in between. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in 3-D animation.

David Jackson

David Jackson is a Front-End Software Engineer at Digital H2O. He has worked previously as a backend developer at Analyte Health and Wize Commerce and as a full-stack developer for Sykes Enterprises. He's passionate about creating tools to solve hard problems. He graduated from IIT with a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems in 2014.

Luke Savage

Luke serves as a Front-end Software Engineer for Digital H2O. Prior to working at Digital H2O, Luke studied at an elite software engineering immersive program, Hack Reactor. In addition, he also taught Javascript development to beginners shortly after graduating. At Digital H2O, he leverages the latest mapping and data visualization tools to help power the look and feel of the Water Asset Intelligence platform.

Scott Rothbarth

Scott Rothbarth serves as a data analyst for Digital H2O. Prior to joining the team, Scott worked for Halliburton, engineering and running completion services all across North America. Scott has an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Colorado.