Reduce water transport & disposal costs, increase optimization & streamline supply chain managment 

Map in Digital H2O's Water Asset Intelligence

Using a proprietary data model and predictive algorithms, Digital H2O's Water Asset Intelligence platform provides a digital, interactive mapping solution and exceptional data modeling and visualization that enables cost-effective and sustainable use of water in oil and gas production. The technology leverages advanced data aggregation techniques and sophisticated analysis to reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water for oil and gas producers. 

Key Questions Answered

  • Which third party disposal water operators can most cost-effectively handle my water?
  • When should I build infrastructure myself, and when should I outsource to a third party?
  • How much water am I producing today, and how much will I produce in the future?
  • How much water do I currently have in inventory and where is it?

Use Cases

  • Planning and scenario analysis
  • Water consumption and production forecasting
  • Water logistics and disposal optimization

Digital H2O provides the tools E&P's need to become more efficient & successful

Features for E&Ps
  • Comprehensive asset awareness
  • Sophisticated oilfield water planning and analysis tools
  • World-class data visualization and export capabilities
  • Data for benchmarking and trends
Benefits for E&Ps
  • Optimize water logistics, increase efficiency, and lower operating costs​
  • Make data-driven investments and procurement decisions
  • Increase water reuse and disposal asset utilization
  • Use water more sustainably​ and reduce the oilfield footprint
average trucking distance
11.53 miles
Average Trucking Distance
total well completions
Total Number of Well Completions (2016)
Average produced water volumes
6,992 (bbls/well/month)
Average Produced Water Volumes

Gain unparalleled visibility into the oilfield water landscape & optimize water logistics