Why you should join us

At Digital H2O, we are passionate about leveraging data and sophisticated analysis to solve big problems - problems that matter to our customers, human-kind, and to the planet. Our mission is to enable more cost effective and more sustainable use of water and related assets in industrial processes.

Efficient and effective management of water resources is and will continue to be a large and critical need in the coming decades, driven by growing water use in energy production, economic development, and greater fresh water supply variability. Digital H2O will revolutionize how industry manages water and related resources.

The Digital H2O journey begins at the intersection of energy production and water use in the North American oil and gas industries. Water is a significant and growing challenge within the oil and gas industries due to the rise of the hydraulic fracturing method of well stimulation and completion. The hydraulic fracturing method has enabled vast quantities of natural gas to be accessed in the U.S. Gas is much cleaner than coal, emitting half of the CO2 emissions when used as a feedstock for electric power generation. America needs these important energy resources to generate cleaner and cheaper power and to rebuild our economy. To access these energy sources, oil and gas and oilfield service companies, need to manage large quantities of water and they need to do so safely and with as little negative impact to the environment as possible.

The Digital H2O platform will help these companies save money and reduce their environmental footprint – a value proposition with a double bottom-line.

Our team

We believe passionately in the “win-win”; world-class data analysis, combined with software and marketplace mechanisms, can help our society solve challenging natural resource and environmental problems. Digital H2O is a Big Data startup focused on creating an online oilfield water management analytics and marketplace platform to disruptively change how energy companies manage scarce water resources. Our software as a service (SaaS) platform enables oil and gas companies in North America to more cost effectively, and sustainably, manage oilfield water. Come build a better, more sustainable, future with us.

Our team is talented, fun, and passionate about what we do. We're an intellectually curious bunch, come from a variety of interesting backgrounds and have history of building successful software products and businesses.