Confidently evaluate oilfield infrastructure investment opportunities with critical insights & information 

Digital H2O Competitive Benchmarking

​Complete due diligence for acquisitions and investments with superior market intelligence and exceptional visibility into water assets and the overall market landscape. Private Equity companies leverage Water Asset Intelligence to understand the market around individual assets, research their historical volumes and past customers, and see what those customers are doing now.

Key questions Water Asset Intelligence answers for Private Equity:

  • Where there are opportunities to move water transport from truck to pipe based on current volumes and new completion activity?
  • What areas have new well drilling and completion activity?
  • What is the market landscape and how has it shifted over time?

Benefits of Water Asset Intelligence for Private Equity Before & After Asset Acquisition or Investment

Before Acquisition
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of in-house analyst teams
  • Quantify market share by SWD operator and geography
  • Determine areas underserved by pipeline and disposal infrastructure
  • Identify geographies with new drilling and completion activity
After Acquisition
  • Increase deal flow and revenue generation
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Increase deal conversion rates
  • Gain higher asset utilization
Total Produced Water
~493 mn bbls
Total Volume Produced Water
total well completions
Total Well Completions