Host and analyze unique proprietary data in a highly secure and scalable online environment

Water PlanningThe Water Planning & Inventory Management platform provides E&Ps with real-time water inventory management and predictive water modeling and scenario analysis via a secure cloud-based platform that collects, aggregates, and mines proprietary water datasets. The platform allows E&Ps to host and analyze their proprietary data in a highly secure and scalable online environment while also visualizing publicly available third-party data, available in Water Asset Intelligence, via a seamless user experience and interface. The platform extracts and aggregates data from existing SCADA and sensor networks to provide a comprehensive real-time E&P water dashboard.

Historical data sets, such as water production, water usage, and water quality are also captured and analyzed to develop scenario based predictions for water volumes (both produced and sourced) and required water infrastructure capacity (salt water disposal, treatment, and transport) using Digital H2O’s proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Features for E&Ps

  • Comprehensive asset awareness
  • Sophisticated oilfield water planning and analysis tools
  • World class data visualization

Benefits for E&Ps

  • Optimize water logistics
  • Fully utilize disposal assets and increase water reuse
  • Complete wells more quickly
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce oilfield input
  • Improve social license to operate

Digital H2O provides E&P's with near-real-time water inventory management

Key Data Sets
  • Water disposal capacity and utilization
  • Water logistics and transportation visibility
  • Production data (water and hydrocarbon)
  • Water consumption (for well completions)
Use Cases
  • Water consumption and production forecasting
  • Water logistics and disposal optimization
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Predictive water modelling, planning, and scenario analysis
  • Water infrastructure forecasting
  • Water lifecycle cost and scenario analysis
  • Water inventory management
  • Water supply chain optimization and cost reduction
average trucking distance
11.53 miles
Average Trucking Distance
total well completions
Total Number of Well Completions (2016)
Average produced water volumes
6,992 (bbls/well/month)
Average Produced Water Volumes

Gain unparalleled visibility into the oilfield water landscape & optimize water logistics