Gain unique visibility into the supply and demand of oilfield water and logistics

Digital H2O Insights and Solutions

Digital H2O, uses a proprietary data model and predictive algorithms to provide a digital solution that enables cost effective and sustainable use of water in industrial processes. The technology leverages advanced data aggregation techniques and sophisticated analysis to uncover new economic opportunities and reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water. Market participants use the platforms’ predictive water modeling capabilities to aid in water planning, forecasting, and transportation optimization.

Key market participants

  • Exploration and production (E&P) operators
  • Oilfield service (OFS) companies
  • Private Equity (PE) investors

Historically, there has been a fundamental lack of transparency into the oilfield water asset landscape. Water is a primary input and output for onshore oil and gas production. Water must be actively managed at every stage of the process, and managing its use and disposal throughout the supply chain can be both complex and expensive.

Barriers to efficient water management

  • Extremely localized and fragmented datasets
  • Lack of market transparency
  • Inconsistent data reporting requirements
  • Significant hidden costs

By leveraging Digital H2O's unique insights and solutions, companies can save time and resources while simultaneously increasing productivity and making better-informed decisions on a daily basis.

Comprehensive digital oilfield water intelligence and forecasting

  • Reduce cost and manage water more efficiently
  • Increase visibility into water volumes and transport logistics
  • Gain comprehensive asset awareness
  • Access sophisticated oilfield water planning and analysis tools
  • Take advantage of exceptional data visualization

Water Management Solutions

Exploration & Production Companies

How E&P companies use Water Asset Intelligence

  • Planning and scenario analysis
  • Logistics optimization
  • Produced water disposal optimization

How E&P companies benefit

  • Improve decision making and operate more efficiently
  • Lower costs and reduce the oilfield footprint
  • Fully utilize disposal assets and increase water reuse
Service Providers

How oilfield service providers utilize Water Asset Intelligence

  • Strategic planning and asset investment
  • Competitive benchmarking and market intelligence
  • Produced water management planning

How oilfield service providers benefit

  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Generate new leads and increase revenue
  • Increase operational efficiency
average produced water volumes
6,922 (bbls/well/month)
Average Produced Water Volumes
total produced water
~493mn bbls
Total Produced Water

Gain unprecedented transparency into the oilfield water asset landscape