Save time, resources, make more informed decisions, and enable a more efficient water marketplace 

Digital H2O Heat Map

Digital H2O leverages advanced automated data aggregation techniques, sophisticated analysis, and machine learning to uncover new economic opportunities to reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water. By digitizing data previously only available on paper, Digital H2O provides unique visibility and unparalleled analytic capabilities into historic and current information. Clients are better equipped to make informed, strategic decisions.

The output is presented as an up-to-date digital, interactive mapping solution, with exceptional data visualization. This allows clients to:

  • Access aggregated data to streamline the efforts of in-house analyst teams and outside consultants
  • Analyze trends and benchmarks to understand the current state of the market
  • Dig into granular, asset-level datasets that can't be accessed elsewhere
  • Export data and integrate it with internal datasets, workbooks, and workflows
  • Streamline and automate processes


Clear Water Resources cut costs by over 63% by switching from outside consultants to Digital H2O’s digital oilfield water management solution